Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Demoiselles D'Avignon Picasso Halloween Costume

Hello there and long time no see again. Quickie post of last year's (2015) Picasso Halloween Costume.     (To see my 2014 effort, click here...as I entered a national contest and probably don't have the rights to my own photos anymore....)

Anyway Had been wanting to do this Picasso costume for a few years now.   I got  Gretchen on board to collaborate with me, and we recruited 4 friends to wear costumes to flesh us out so we'd have the whole painting represented, along with our Picasso in stripes.

Gretchen and I wore cardboard costumes.

The rest of the girls wore painted vintage slips and nighties, along with hand held masks.

(detail from my costume; grommeted cardboard for a corseted torso)

(More photos I still have to dig up show my mask-under-my mask, and details of my feet slippers.)  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

how to make a pumpkinhead

Long time, no see (as usual.)
Just stumbled on some photos from last year's Halloween costume that I never got around to sharing.  I think the pumpkinhead portion was pretty successful ...so here's my recipe.

(First, the inspiration. A 1930s photo that was making the rounds a lot last year)

The material used was all crap I had stored in my barn.
Large paper lantern, about 1-2 square yards of 1-inch upholstery foam, and orange tissue paper.

I cut the foam into big petal shaped wedges, shaped the edges a bit,

and then attached them to the lantern using spray mount.  The foam pieces didn't fit exactly but were easy enough to manipulate, with some fudging and fussing.

Then I randomly collaged the tissue paper all over the pumpkin. The tissue gets all wrinkled and adds good texture.  This part was messy.  

You can't see it but I wore a FEZ underneath to hold the head in the right position.  After I figured that out, I cut a mouth opening to line up with my eyes, using a large serrated knife.

I also made a little burlap stem for the top, even though it doesn't show. It was perfect for holding the witch hat on; I just used a 10-12 inch long hat pin and drove it through the hat and stem. 

As for the rest of the costume, I played around with a few different ideas

but would up doing something that was old-timey, classic,  and comfortable.

The final result, in sepia:

P.S.  The old fashioned bag was made with a home-made stencil

and I saved all the leftover foam scraps, which I am keeping out of the landfill by using in this year's costume.    Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Deco robe RehaB

January is a great time to pull out unfinished projects and finish them the heck up already.  Here's one I just tackled.

A ladies 1930ish robe in a red low-nap flannel deco print.
I just swoon over an original deco pattern like this.

The taffeta collar and cuffs were in terrible condition, though.

Soiled, torn, and just plain Nasty.

I removed them to use as patterns, and then sacrificed  this perfectly good silk scarf

to make a new collar and cuffs. (This is when I got stuck and put the project away for two years, tick tock, tick tock.....)

When I found the project again recently I tackled the sash.

I was happy with how it turned out, but decided to also make a less casual fabric belt out of the last smidgeon of leftover scarf fabric.  Fortunately I hoard old  belt buckles from the same era.  This part was tedious,

but I like having the choice between the two belting options, since I like to wear the robe to work.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Let's Get Small: the 30 Dresses Wrap-Up

As promised, here are (most of) the 30/30 Dresses pics, which show off both the dollhouse and a few other 1/12 scale roomboxes I have made over the years, including the mermaid room and Matisse room.